Dami Aribisala

OAP Daddy Freeze is at it again, this time he fires shots at the pastors and prophets alike and likens religious people to Sheeples.

He took to Instagram to ask why the prophets who always have prophecies to offer at the beginning of the year, didn't see the long absence of our president Muhammadu Buhari coming, saying that Fayose who had rightly predicted this absence and was not listened to, needs to spend more time on the altar. Here's what he had to say:

Hello Sheeple, how come NONE that is NOT ONE of your pastors, prophets and Daddy GOs predicted that our president was going to be away for so long despite them all releasing annual prophesies?

“I remember one annual prophesy one Daddy Go released, saying there would be a new sexually transmitted disease in 2016� up till now we still dey wait.”

.Yet Fayose predicted the state of health of our president and we all descended on him, me included, I think I officially owe Gov Fayose an apology… and also suggest he spends more time on the altar as his predictions and prophecies are more accurate than those of most pastors”