Mauritania has voted in favour of a referendum to abolish the senate and change the National Flag.
The West African county's opposition says it is just a bid by President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to bolster power and extend his mandate.
The referendum won 85 percent of the vote, the National Electoral Commission said on Sunday, though only a little over half of the population voted.
The opposition, which boycotted the vote, said the referendum would give Abdel Aziz too much power over decision-making and pave the way for him to scrap presidential term limits. 

In South Africa, the Speaker of  Parliament ruled yesterday that a motion of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma brought by opposition parties will be held through a secret ballot – a decision which increases the chances he will have to step down.
The decision could embolden members of the ruling African National Congress to vote against President Zuma putting him in a precarious position as he struggles to fend off opposition accusations of corruption and mismanaging the economy.
If the motion succeeds, Zuma – in power since two thousand and nine – and his entire cabinet would have to step down