Philip Atume

A security expert, Mr. Dennis Amachree has postulated idea to prevent kidnappers from invading schools and other institutions, saying such public structures should not be located in isolated areas.

He said this while he appeared as a guest on the programme, Today On STV shared his view on the recent abduction of some children from a school at Igbo- Nla, Epe local Government area of Lagos state, and a proper way to ensure that our schools are safe from abduction and kidnapping.

The security consultant said what should be done by the government is not just to “address symptoms” but to look into what should be done about the issue that has occurred for over two months now.

Specifically, he shared his view on how to get schools secured, using an analogy of the process of renting a house.  In this case, renting a house in his view should be a gradual process, which is step by step. In this regard, some basic things need to be put in place before moving in. So, he said in setting up a school, the government has to make sure that the first measures need to be put in place.

In explaining how the basic things are left behind, he said: “we cut corners” by building schools where they should not be built and using private residential areas for academic purpose,  all kinds of structures that are termed to be  schools,  instead of a school to be well designed to fit into the environment. In achieving this, the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design was the solution he talked about.

He said another way in which security measures can be put in place is to make sure schools are structured to suit the environment in terms of security.  He stated the relevance of this measure is as good as stopping criminals from coming to the academic environment and building.  When this is applied a criminal finds it hard to operate.

When asked about kidnapping and robbery along riverine areas compared to the land, and why robbers and kidnappers choose to come through these areas, he concluded by saying that the riverine area is a “Natural Security Boundary” on its own.