Written By Philip Atume

The National Chairman of National Conscience Party, Mr. Tanko Yinusa has thrown his weight behind local government autonomy, saying that it will move development closer to the people.

He expressed his view while speaking on the recent review of revenue allocation, on the programme “Today On STV”, stating how resources should be controlled to benefit the common man.

Concerning the review of revenue allocation in Nigeria, he said there is so much power in the center and for this reason; the revenue allocation has not been properly allocated. He said the power in the center also automatically makes money to always be in the center and the ordinary man does not feel the impact of the revenue. “

“So it is easy for the center to produce a president and he dominates the whole system by using the power it has, to make money stay at the center, instead of circulating,” he said.

He also said, the local government should be given more preference instead of the federal government and state government, because the local government is closer to the people.

He stated that the local government needed more support and more allocation in order for them to do massive farming and employ more people, especially youth who are jobless.

According to him, the 774 local governments, will need more money to run do many projects that will affect grassroots peoples’ standard of living.

He said the local government lacks facilities and since most of them are farmers, they need funds to do farming and run other domestic activities. “So the sharing formula should not be 52% at the federal level and others share the remaining, but 40% at the federal level and the remaining tiers of government shares the 60%.

 He also narrowed his view to having proper leadership and the need to have an effective constitution. He said the constitution needs to be properly structured so that what belongs to the local government is not taken by the state government. So to achieve this, proper leadership should be put in place.

Still in the area of leadership, when he was asked if the local government would utilize the funds given to them effectively, since to whom much is given, much is expected; he narrowed his answer to leadership problem. He said when elections take place; the local government election is not taken seriously. In this regard, it produces leaders that cannot account for monies given to them. So having quality leaders is the solution to such problem. Because when there are quality leaders, they will utilize money very well, and also produce good roads and infrastructure.

He also stressed on the fact that the system of government we run in Nigeria is expensive and gives room for so much money to be centralized in the house of assembly. He said the house of assembly gets too much money and it has affected all other tiers of government and has put a hold to development and also brought about indecision like not knowing what to do with the money. He stated the government should focus on a project and complete it. He gave an example like power, and good roads so that at the end of the day, the result gotten can justify the means of expenditure.

He concluded by saying that Nigerians have been denied their rights even after voting their leaders into their various political positions all they get is empty promises. But, they are not gullible but just need little things that the government need to provide to help them survive