It's always interesting when artistes use their various mediums to talk about social issues that plague the underprivileged. In a lot of communities, children are brought up under harsh circumstances, which is made even worse when their guardians are irresponsible and neglectful. The only forms of escape children in those situations have are entertainment and their imaginations. In Victoria Kimani's latest music video,  “March Along”.
Directed by Joe x and UJ pro and shot by Iju Ishaga, the black and white music video follows a girl with a neglectful mother and absent father. Victoria Kimani appears in a video, performing on TV screens and giving the girl a little hope.

"March Along" is the sixth music video from her album. The reggae and dancehall-fused track is dedicated to young women in their search for peace of mind amidst challenges or a toxic environment. As she says in the song:

"What a girl ought to do?
What am I ought to do?
Put on my big girl shoes,
And march along as we do."