Ric Hassani landed two Headies nominations last year was not the only time the artiste was in the spotlight. At last year's Lagos Fashion and Design Week where Hassani performed his hit single "Gentleman" on the runway; This year has been exciting for him too. From his TEDx talk where he addressed domestic violence, to all the appearances he's made at schools.

Now the singer/model/songwriter has just released a single, "Only You". But that's not the only exciting news from the artiste. He announced on Twitter that his debut album is underway.

The upcoming album is titled "The African Gentleman" and will be available for pre-order on iTunes on July 30. The album will also be released under indie label, Riverland Records. But as Ric Hassani stated on Twitter, "Only You" is the last single before the album drops.

The song starts with a simple acoustic guitar, then adds a drum beat and embellishes its chorus with a flute melody. Produced by Doron Clinton, "Only You" is a passionate declaration of love. 

Listen below: