Here are a few ways to spice up your weekend.

Have Drinks 

One sure way to chill on weekends is to go out with friends and family just to relax and have drinks. You might opt for an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink depending on your mood or preference. It could also be a way to network and make new friends.

Home Chills

Want to do something at home as compared to being outdoors? Stay on your preferred sofa alone or with that special someone, watch a movie or catch up on your favorite series. A box of pizza and drinks will definitely be handy.


Clubbing is one of the most popular weekend activities. People just want to go out dance off the week's stress, have a couple of drinks to ease the tension they've faced all week.


Going to the cinemas is a favorite for most people to chill during the weekend. You can go to the cinema alone or with friends and family to see the latest blockbuster movie. There's always something fun to watch at Silverbird Cinemas and of course their popcorn is out of this world.


Going to the beach is another way to have fun during the weekend. It's more advisable to go with friends and family because going to the beach alone would be boring but with close ones it brings out the excitement and fun.

Lunch or Dinner 

Trying new meals won't hurt or giving your tummy a treat wouldn't be bad at all during the weekend.


Weekends are the best time to do all your shopping, be it for clothing items, groceries or maybe even window shopping.