All Eyez on Me might be the biopic Tupac fans have been waiting for – it did big business in its first day in theaters, beating out even Pixar's Cars 3. But not everyone is thrilled with the film's portrayal of Shakur's life.
Jada Pinkett Smith, a childhood friend of Shakur's who is played by Kat Graham in the movie, was apparently none too pleased with its portrayal of their relationship.
Pinkett Smith then set the record straight on several of the film's inaccuracies regarding their friendship.

While it's a given that any biopic will take some creative license, some do so more gently or gracefully than others. In the case of All Eyez on Me, Pinkett Smith described the film's "reimagining" of her friendship with the late rapper as "deeply hurtful."

Even as Pinkett Smith voiced her displeasure, though, she made sure to clarify that she did not blame the actors for playing their roles.