Written By Edesiri Vuevu

June 12 1993 Presidential election that was won by MKO Abiola was the freest and fairest election that was conducted in Nigeria, with no violence in the country.

Mr. Shamsudeen Yusuf, from the Centre for Democracy and Development and Mr. Sunny Monidafe, a Politician, speak on the essence of June 12 on the popular programme “Today on STV”, yesterday.

According to Mr. Monidafe, June 12, 1993 Presidential Election was a landmark election which had a Muslim-Muslim Ticket. MKO Abiola, was a Muslim, and Nigerians did not care about his religion or tribe, Nigerians came out and voted massively for him because he was someone that would have done good things for the country.

“Truly, before the elections were cancelled, the prices of goods like food stuff started coming down, but unfortunately, the election was cancelled for whatsoever reasons we are yet to find out. June 12, was a landmark period in the country” he said.

Mr. Monidafe appealed to those in the government that it will not cost the country anything to give MKO Abiola due recognition.

He suggested that this is a time for Nigerians to converge and lay aside differences and become one and no leader with selfish interest will manipulate the citizens.

Still speaking on the essence of June 12, Mr. Yusuf told a story of how when he was still in primary school during the period of the election, where he saw a lot of people queued up to vote, and surprisingly, it was an open ballot.

“Unlike this present moment in the country we have secret ballot, people secretly vote who they want without anybody knowing. We have a lot of political issues in the country which has been a negative effect on our politics and political development as a country” he added.

Speaking on ‘the hope’ campaign by MKO Abiola which spoke to the heart of Nigerians, spoke to the issues that directly have impact on the life of Nigerians and which fundamentally determined the choice of the people at that moment.

He said, “There was no political violence during the election, there wasn’t a phenomena of people being bribed, despite the fact that the election was open people waited patiently to cast their vote and there was no rivalry between people”

Mr. Yusuf urged politicians and citizens of the country who sees election as a do or die affair, to learn more lessons from the June 12, 1993 election and it will help re-establish the country.