Rapper, Eva has called out all the females in the entertainment business to try hard to live above jealousy especially among each other.

According to her, it will hinder the growth of the business and unity.
She said “we have to care about ourselves to the point where the world will have to care, we have to care about the things we are creating, and we have to do it with so much passion, vigor and creativity that the world will have to take notice”.
She explained that one thing the women need to do is to understand that the feminine energy is so powerful.
“When you look at the guys, either they’ve known each other for a long time, or they just met each other today; ‘there’s business to do and money to make, no one has time for jealousy’. But when you talk about their women, they will talk about their cars, talk about their businesses and they will find a way to connect.  And I think women need to begin to do that”,  she said.
Eva also revealed the reason for her recent absence from the music scene while speaking to the SilverbirdTV,  she said, “I do know that I want to cause a change for myself, with myself, with my life and with the time that I have been blessed with by God. I do know that I do not want to waste my time creating a single or creating an album that will not touch the lives of people and I do not want to waste my time creating a music that will not benefit the consciousness of my people. So anytime I’m creating music or not I think about these things.”
“I’m improving myself to improve others with the things that I have been blessed with” she said.
Eva confirmed that she’ll be releasing an album this year.