Davido's song "If" is one of the biggest hits in the country right now, its seems as though no one can go through a social event without playing the song and he sweetened the deal by announcing his "Back to Basics" tour in some states in Nigeria. He also promised his fans that he will continue to make the kind of music that they liked and then it resulted in one of the best and one of the most played songs of the year but having several covers and even one from R Kelly.

While "If" saw Davido begging the object of his affection to love him back with blatant flattery and promises of wealth, "Fall" sees him begging the object of his affection – which the lyrics suggest he has finally attained – to stay, with the same promises of wealth (and an added promise of fidelity).

In "If" he belts, almost boastfully, "If I tell you say I love you oh/ my money, my body, na your own oh baby" while in "Fall" he croons at the chorus, "Money fall on you/ Prada fall on you/ Cause I’m in love with you eh"; making both songs, which are pretty great apart, somehow even better together.

Watch the video for "Fall" below: