Video-streaming service YouTube has made a few changes to its smartphone app with an aim to enhance the user experience. In the latest update, YouTube has moved the main navigation bar to the bottom of the app. The latest update is being rolled out to the Google Play store. According to a post on the YouTube forms website, the streaming service has said that the new update for Android will make the experience more ‘consistent’ across all smartphones and it will allow easier navigation within the app. The navigation bar has already been made available on iOS. This navigation bar present at the bottom will show the ‘Trending’, ‘Home’, ‘Subscriptions’, and ‘Library’ options.

Meanwhile, the Library option has been separated from the previous account section, which can now be accessed from the profile icon at the top, along with Settings. The app will also remember where you left off on each tab, which should make it easier to navigate the videos when you go back. YouTube said in the post on its product forms, “We’re introducing an improved look for the YouTube Android app. The update provides a consistent layout across mobile and allows for easier navigation within the app. These changes are largely the result of feedback from all of you – thanks for continuing to let us know how we can improve!”


However, this is nothing new for iOS users. YouTube says the new update for Android will be rolled out in phases. Earlier this month, YouTube refreshed its interface across the web and desktop, a complete redesign to make the experience easier. Perhaps the big highlight of the whole revamp is the arrival of the dark mode. This feature will dramatically reduce eye strain when watching videos at night.