Singer and songwriter Myoa has joined the voice for songwriters to get the recognition they truly deserve.

Myoa said, "I’m part of an organization called ASCA and that’s worldwide. It’s for songwriters , songwriters do amazing work and they aren’t even getting the recognition they deserve especially in Nigeria, I feel like when you write a song you don’t even get that royalty, apart from melody the lyrics are what makes a song, you should be able to visualize the song. Songwriting is important and if you are singer who can also write like me, you shouldn’t give up, especially in Africa we need to get it more organized.

Song writers play an important role to an artist’s success.


In as much we want to listen to a club song, we should able to listen to a song just for the moment, to chill and so on.  People like myself,  Asa , Adekulne Gold we are getting to that point of recognition and we can do songs that can still be used in the club if they are remixed.