It's no longer news that Emmanuel Macron, 39 is the youngest president elect of France and what raised eyebrows is the fact that his wife is 25 years older.

Over here in Nigeria, we decided to ask Nigerians what they thought about the age difference and also if it is something they can do.

According to a Lagos based legal practitioner, Barr. Efe Thomas " The age gap is just too wide"

She also said that she will always have the mentality that she is by far his senior. "Personally, i don't think i will respect him". 

Mr David Edet, a drycleaner made it clear that "It depends, if her financial background is something i can rely on and also if she's still active and bear children".

"But if she's 25yrs older and she has nothing to offer but just working hard to meet her personal needs, i can't be with her"

Mr Edet emphasized on the fact that "her financial background really matters if he will date someone that old"

Fast rising artiste Onwah Kome a.k.a Kessdavid said " The age disparity is too much, biologically we won't fit"

"Usually folks who do that do it mainly because of financial gain and also so many people do it for immigration reasons"

Mr Macron first met his wife, Brigitte Trogneux, when he was a 15-year-old drama student. They developed a closer relationship when they worked together to re-write a play.

Mr Macron said that if his wife was younger than him, nobody would question the validity of their relationship.

“If I had been 20 years older than my wife, nobody would have thought for a single second that I couldn’t be [an intimate partner],” he said.

“It’s because she is 20 years older than me that lots of people say, ‘This [relationship] can’t be tenable, it can’t be possible.”

Reports concerning his relationship, he claimed, were due to “misogyny” and people ascribing to “traditional, homogenous” views about society.