Each year, thousands of motorists and road construction workers are injured or killed in a construction zone. Like a majority of accidents, injuries and deaths could be spared each year if drivers made a commitment to drive safer and be more aware. Here are some helpful tips to keep you safer while driving in a construction zone:
Know the Signs: Construction signs are typically orange and relatively straight forward. Although the signs should indicate lane closures, bumps in the road, uneven pavement, or other construction related information, continue to drive with caution. Sometimes, proper signs are missing or areas of the road are mismarked. For example, if you hit a major bump in the road (and aren’t notified via signage) you may end up having damage to your vehicle.
Keep Your Distance & Watch Your Speed: You should always adhere to speed limits, but in construction zones it’s even more important to follow the posted speed limit. In construction zones, for the safety of construction workers and motorists, speed limits are typically lower and fines are steep if drivers fail to stay in or below the mph.
Additionally, it’s important to keep your distance between the vehicle traveling in front of you. As a good rule, treat driving through a construction zone like gridlock. Expect sudden starts and stops and keep your distance to prevent a rear end collision.

Continue to Practice Distracted Free Driving: Distracted driving is a major issue on roadways. Even if you are driving a snail’s pace through a construction zone, do not text and drive. Your full attention is needed at all times.