Many will agree that one of the most anticipated part of any event is "Item 7". So, it was not far fetched to see a large gathering of people at the just concluded Food and Drink Festival which took place in Lagos.

From young to old, people were seen ordering mouthwatering delicacies from jollof to fried rice as well as spicy grilled kebabs and ice cold drinks.

Apart from the smiles, laughter and selfie moments, what really stood out was the constant mouth munching movement which was of course due to the purchase of the eye catching food on display.

In light of this, we set out to ask the question "What Makes a Good Meal"

According to Chef Emmy, preparing a good and healthy meal starts from your visit to the market. "You've to ensure that while cooking your meals you use fresh vegetables. I love tasting the richness in my veggies so i try not to pick the ones that are almost getting rotten. Also, another thing people must note is that fact over seasoning meals doesn't ensure that it will be delicious. Cooking for me also has to do with the time each ingredient is used and how well you kow what to put and when to put it". "Then, your livestock has to be properly prepared".

On how to maintain a decent stomach size, she also advised against eating late, taking too much beer while encouraging more fruit intake.

Now, moving unto a long standing debate, we had to weigh in on the best tasting jollof rice i.e between Nigeria and Ghana and trust we had to ask a couple of foodies to know their thoughts. Although we couldn't find any Ghanaian, we went ahead with the slightly imbalanced survey anyway.

We spoke to Irene Azu who works at a health drink company and in her words "First of all, I've never tasted Ghanian Jollof before and i really dont know what it tastes like and i don't think i'm interested but for the Nigerian Jollof.. That's life, it's Dope! especially those ones where they cook at parties and then there's this particular smell. There's also a popular saying that it is the bottom pot of the jollof that's always the sweetest..Nigerian Jollof is 100/100 for me".

Akin Oluwole who is a brand promoter heaped praise on the Nigerian Jollof calling it "Legendary".