In 2010, you literally couldn't go anywhere in Nigeria without seeing (on a shirt) or hearing (from a rap head) the instantly iconic phrase "boys are not smiling" – and this was all thanks to the legendary Terry Tha Rapman.

AMVCA-winner Imoh Umoren took to Twitter  earlier today saying; Big announcement y'all we are making BANS the movie.

The  Boys Are Not Smiling movie will be loosely based on the life of Terry Tha Rapman.
In an interview with Konbini  about the movie, Terry Tha Rapman said:
"The movie is about that part of the Nigerian entertainment industry people don't get to see or hear about.
A lot of people don't know about the blood, sweat and tears artistes go through before their big break."

About what fans can expect from the movie, Terry continued:
"My fans should expect nothing short of a masterpiece. Like my music, I take everything I do seriously.
This is why I picked Imoh Umoren to work with. His movies have that edge I been looking for.
It's a movie script loosely based around my life – although we decided to make my character fictional."

There's no official release date, a trailer or a full synopsis yet.