Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Cobhams Asuquo in an exclusive interview with FlytimeTV that  gave a lot of insight into his background as an artiste and music producer. 

On growing up and experiencing everything as a kid;
With the exception of maybe, comic books, I think I experienced just about everything my peers were able to experience. We had a Nintendo and even if I when didn't play the games I loved the soundtrack and that helped shape my music. I was in the gamezone very much and my siblings felt I needed to be engaged- I played "Duck Hunt", I would randomly just shoot at stuff!

How do you explain the concept of seeing?
I cannot say to you that I understand the concept of seeing, I know its one of the senses but to create an acurate picture of what its like to see is something you can't do when you haven't actually seen.

Watch the interview below: