My wife hit her toe hard on a door frame. She shouted "bloody hell". My four (at the time) year old son started laughing, whilst repeating "bloody hell, bloody hell"

I crouched down face to face, eye to eye with him, looking at him intensely "Did you say Bobby Bell?" I enquired.
“No" he giggled "I said bloody hell" "Phew" I exhaled, sounding relieved, "I thought you said Bobby Bell. That would have been really, really bad.” "Now, listen up, this is very important, you must promise me to forget you ever heard me say Bobby Bell and never, ever say it, as it is a very naughty and rude thing to say, ok?"

He then ran off laughing and repeating "Bobby Bell, Bobby Bell, Bobby Bell."

That was over a year ago and he still thinks "Bobby Bell" is a very rude thing to say.

Do you think I should stick with this theme? It’s just I’m not convinced the “Did you say Buck?” conversation will be quite as successful.

Source: Quora