Tuke Morgan is a Blogger and Saxophonist.

She's big on the lifestyle genre which covers everything from fashion, food reviews to talk about hair and even her music adventures with her saxophone.


In this Samantha Bistro review, she says, The fish was a nice size but it lacked flavour and the Chilli sauce it came with was nothing to write home about.​

While we know her content gives us the feels with that beautiful smile,

We have to appalud this video posted on her insagram that looked a lot like one of the videos from The 100 Years of Beauty where a team reconstructs historical beauty icons and offer step-by-step hair and makeup instructions for gorgeous, modern interpretations you can wear.

She said in an Instagram post , "This series is called the #VersatilityOfNaturalHair and the videos showing how each hairstyle was achieved will be going up on my YouTube channel and IG page all week."


We are patiently waiting on the full video Tuke, we are waiting!