This YouTuber, Mimi Misfit gave us a treat with the "Mum Tag" and we all know how "extra" our Nigerian mums can be and even if from the daughter's accent, they've been in the UK for a very long time, her mother speaks mostly "Pidgin English" which even endears her to Nigerians/Africans everywhere.

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

She started making a question and answer session and called it "Ask Aunty B" which became a favorite among her subscribers and she kept bringing in her mother for more of those sessions. At the end of one episode, Aunty B said (in pidgin English), "Thank you oh! All Of una do well for all una question. I like the question but e many, abeg make una do the question direct and brief."

Ask Aunty B | My Best Friend Smells What Should I Do?