After starring in the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time just a few months ago and surviving a fire in his home a few weeks ago, Olubankole Wellington aka Banky W shares how grateful he is in his first single of 2017, "Blessing Me".


Speaking about what inspired him to make the song, Banky W said:

"I choose to celebrate the fact that God has once again saved my life, and made me victorious over death and unfortunate circumstances. I’m celebrating life, and counting my blessings. So this song is as much for anyone that’s going through tough times, as it is for those that have already overcome them."
The video, which was directed by both Banky W and Clarence Peters, is pretty straightforward. It shows Banky "rising from nothing to something" as he starts out as a mechanic who continually gets 'life upgrades' as he praises and thanks God.