Captain Dung Rwang Pam an airline engineer and safety advocate joins us to share his views on recent developments in the aviation industry. 
1)  We have spoken about the crisis in the aviation industry for quite sometime now. Will you say the crisis is abating?
2)  With the life span of an airline in the country scarcely   exceeding five years, what can you identify as being responsible?
3)  In 2008, about 120 billion naira was released by the government as bailout for airlines. Nine years down the line, they are still deep in debt. in the last week, Arik Air and OAS helicopters have been taken-over by the government. Many more may be affected in due course.  You think government is being too hard on the airlines?
4)  Airlines say multiple taxation is killing them. experts’ advice code sharing and consolidation as the way out. What’s your take on this?
5)  Final comment on the aviation sector


Watch the interview and the solutions he proffers: