A popular Lagos artist manager under a renowned record label 02G records, Oludaiye Temitope has since disappeared into thin air as the Nigerian police have concluded every arrangement to press charges of homosexual and unethical conducts against him.

All efforts to locate Mr Oludaiye has been proven abortive since September 2016 as his residence at Tejuosho Street Surulere and even his place of work at the 02G records had been deserted.

Mr Temitope Oludaiye sexual preference was leaked to the public by one Mr Tunde his bosom friend as a result of a conflict over money issue between the two friends, Tunde is allegedly owing Temitope a huge some of money but couldn't pay up.

The two friends however had argument over money issue which Tunde involved the Nigerian police. The case however took a new dimension when Tunde allegedly revealed to the police authority that Temitope is a homosexual with evidences he showed . 

Ever since the incidence occured, Temitope has neither been seen at home or work place. 

The general public is therefore urged to report any clue that could lead to Temitope Oludaiye's where about. The Nigerian constitution frowned at homosexual practices and anybody caught is liable to a minimum of 14 years imprisonment.

The report of his whereabouts became public knowledge in December 6, 2016.