Mr Eazi has apologized to his aggrieved fans across Nigeria over his earlier controversial statement.

The "Skin tight" singer earlier tweeted saying "Ghana's music influence on Nigerian music cannot be over-emphasized," a statement which didn't go down well with his Nigerian fans.

During an interview with BoomTown on STV presenter VJ Kelvin, Mr Eazi cleared the air on his Controversial tweet.

According to him "I was trying to say yo' you know what, we're moving.. The internet has also made it one world. Right now, music is a fusion and now there's a fusion of Ghanian element in Nigerian music which doesn't mean in anyway that Nigerian music is less authentic or less solid as it is.. I mean the numbers tell the story and it doesn't either mean that Ghanian music is not good music.

It's just what i felt was noticeable in sound.

Speaking further he went on to say "I didnt mean any disrespect to Nigerian music. I totally apologise if my statement were taken out of context". 

"Nigerian music is fabulous, Nigerian artistes are one of the most fabulous in the world. I'm happy to be Nigerian.. It's all love men!"