More than 40 foreigners have been arrested in the last one week, following the capturing of the dreaded Sambisa Forest by Nigerian troops.
The profiling of the foreigners will determine whether they worked with Boko Haram insurgents, who are fleeing their former stronghold.
The military has blocked all known entry and exit points to Sambisa Forest to hem in the remnants of the insurgents.
According to a military source, the identities of the foreigners and their missions in Sambisa Forest will not be revealed until after a thorough screening.

Meanwhile Army Spokesman, Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar, says Sambisa forest is now under the control of the Nigerian Army.
He says in the new year, the army will work  out modalities to take complete possession of the vast forest which served as the headquarters for Boko Haram terrorists.
In the last seven years, the insurgents had pushed for the establishment of an Islamic State and an end to western education in the region.
The Sambisa Forest served as the base for the terrorists where several persons were held including over 200 Chibok Schoolgirls who were abducted from their hostel on April, 14, 2014