Games can engender amazing amounts of community and togetherness. And they can also inspire some of the most heated competition and are open to everyone. Cool, right?

The games that you can expect to play at the gaming arena this holidays are:
Super Mario Bros,
Angry Birds,
Donkey Kong,
Street Fighter IV & Street Fighter Ultra,
PES 2016,
Grand Turismo 6,
Call of Duty V,
Tekken II,
Grand Theft Auto IV,
The Legend of Zelda,
Metal Gear,
Pac Man,
Space Invaders,
Need for Speed,
Madden NFL 16,
NBA 16, Crash & Burn and so many more.

This tournament can be a life-changing experience. Where else can you bond in person with people who, before, were just names on a screen? If you want to compete yourself, it's an awesome way to test your skills against the best around. And if you just like to watch, there are plenty of hype moments there, too.

To be part of this experience get to "The Ultimate Gaming Experience" at the Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island from the 24th – 26th of December.