Ijeoma Tagbo

There have been security challenges around the nation’s airport in the recent time. Passengers complain bitterly about incessant theft and mugging of their luggage while authority has failed to address the ugly development.

 Today On STV takes a look at AVIATION SAFETY in this interview with Aviation Analyst Mr. Olumide Ohunayo

Whose responsibility it is for the safety of baggage in the Aviation Sector?

It is the responsibilities of the airline to be held accountable for baggage lose and inconveniences, most times this occur and they make adequate compensation. Though 53 cases was officially recorded on domestic route, it is more important for the airline system to ensure that there is high level of security and no customer loses its item.

Why has the airline system not improved?

In the meeting we had last week the theme was  aviation security, one thing that came out of the meeting is that we found out that the airport security program is faulty and there is no organization that is presently leading, what we have is multiple  organization all around the security without necessary intellect . For FAAN because they have the aviation security department they want to assume leadership but that will be difficult because ISEC was not established as a security outfit but an arm of the airport authority which principal business is commercialization and operation of safe air flight meaning they are not equipped.

What is the relevance of the police civil defense being at the airport, the CCTV are not working appropriately and it’s a must have at the airport?

The high rate of passengers losing their bags in the airport is increasing probably due to the recession in the country, though recession or no recession your security needs to be uptight, in spite of the stories, vulnerability assessment, security measure for a bigger plan,

The airline are to take care of responsibilities of their equipment, in the case of a plane crash, the airline is responsible for the movement of corpse and the country airline is fined.

Where do we see the Aviation Sector going?

The Aviation sector need to tighten security, they need to have a coordinated security program having a leadership under one body which has to be kept in place, to get through though we have the Airforce at the airport, civil defense and a lot of  security officials at the airport, we need a coordinate team.

Issues of operators and expenses in the Sector?

Nigerian airspace, the incidence of stairways, there has to be perimeter fencing, the most important audit is the safety and security audit and almost all the airlines have brought it, Qatar has brought their safety certification level and other airlines at the end of the day its on paper.

The certification authenticates safety and operational aspect of the aviation industry and not with the economic impact on safety.

The audit I want to see is the economic audit, we will bypass the entire airline, we have some fundamental problems we need to address why investors are not investing in Nigeria.

It is terrible that we have airlines that do not have the courage and process that makes foreign carriers confident in having commercial agreement with them.

What is obtainable and that Nigeria is lacking in airport security?

We need to ensure that there is an operative CCTV with people who are manning it to ensure security, function security sharing with agencies rather than stand alone, we need to go into recertification and profiling of all the airport security staff and staff that have to do job on the airport side and perimeter fencing to ensure access to airport  premises are not available for criminals.