Ijeoma Tagbo

Legal Practitioner, Mr. Maxwell Opara has commended Lagos State House of Assembly for enacting a bill, making it a death penalty for kidnappers whose captives die in their custody. He gave this commendation while featuring on “Today On STV”, calling on other state government to follow suit.

He said, “My reaction to death penalty is a welcome development and I want to congratulate the Lagos State House of Assembly for that move and also encourage other states to follow suit.”

According to him, the death penalty is the best way to shun this activities of kidnappers whose intention is to collect money, rape the victim and torture the victim. He described kidnapping as a dangerous and complex crime that the only death sentence can stop it.

“It is that death penalty and anybody who is convicted by the court of jurisdiction should take the lead immediately. I am so grateful for what the Lagos State Government has done,” he stated.

He bemoaned the speed at which some members of the society had taken to make money through crook means, adding, “They thought kidnapping is a lucrative business but now that there is a death sentence for them, the perpetrators will have a rethink.”

He suggested a public execution and media coverage for any convict for kidnapping to serve as deterrent for others.

“I will advise the government to air the execution live while taking this penalty to stop perpetrators from going into this act. Across 36 states, Lagos has taken this bold step and any state that fails to enact the law is encouraging kidnapping.