By Ijeoma Tagbo

Guests: Liborous Oshoma, Legal practitioner And Nelson Ekujumi Public Affairs analyst

The guests gave vivid analysis of challenges facing the Federal Government as it fights against corruption. Recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari said some corrupt Nigerians are using looted funds to fight his administration on his anti-corruption campaign.

Is the government winning the war?
Oshoma: The Government is Fighting Corruption from a helpless stand, we are not winning the war on corruption, we are just window dressing. The capacity of the government to fight corruption currently is not there. We are just window dressing , for me there is no strategy to fight it.

Why do you say we are fighting from a helpless stand?
Oshoma: The president said the judiciary was his headache till date apart from the raid, there are no plans to show how they want to go about fighting corruption in the judiciary. We would talk about the road maps. Corruption does not only exist at the top echelon of the government, it does not limit to monetary point of view. It happens in appointment, employment of political offices.

How do we ensure from the bottom that corruption seize?
We begin to have a paradigm shift and reorientations of our ways of doing things to ensure that people, not just those at the top are punished but every corrupt citizen. What we call tips these days is also corruption. The Nigerian Police is still what it is today. 

Is the EFCC capable of handling all the money Cases?
No, we have police station in every villages and urban centres, this is their first line of duty, when you begin to take issues from this line of view, and Prosecution starts from investigation.

Is there a problem with the fight? 
Ekujimi: The fact that we have divergent views and multiplicity of opinions shows the healthiness of the society. President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted to US Secretary of State John Kerry that there is the need for us to have a restructuring and reorientation of our mind as people. As he said the mindset of the average man even the Bible recognized that sin is man second nature. So there is need for reorientation of the mindset of Nigerian and that is where the government needs to work on, it will go a long way to reducing corruption. Corruption is not about stealing public fund, the fight against corruption is a collective fight the effect of corruption affects  us in regards to education, infrastructure and so on. What we need is a program that will talk to the heart of man.
We need to reinvent the way we do things, it’s a collective responsibility and we at the private sector we need to do more.

Oshoma: We need to ensure that we have a proper framework that we decentralize our processes. Why won’t corruption fight back, corruption is not only at the top even the everyday man is affected, to him we are fixated on this corruption to the detriment of all other sector, So many states can pay salary and pensioners we have forgotten about them.

Why is corruption so attractive in Nigeria?
Ekujimi: Starting with the fact to contest for an election, you need money, membership card, you will also join some cults, when you get there you hear about recouping, it’s a personal experience.

Election is over nobody is talking about electoral act and INEC.  How do we reform, it will be difficult for Nigerians to get the leaders they deserve. As at this moment what we want to be seeing is the way forward. Corruption has become an ethic in Nigeria and it is because of the system in place, the system that allows one man to control all resources like the quest for political office.