Joshua Iniyezo, better known by his stage name "Solidstar", dropped by the SilverbirdTV studio and we got him to answer some questions on his recently released album entitled, "WEED".

During an exclusive chat with our correspondent, the Nigerian Afro-Pop singer who just turned 28 spoke on his recently released album while also revealing that WEED is an acronym, which reads in full – Witness Everything Exceptionally Different."

He, however, disclosed that the inspiration behind the album is weed the "plant". As he puts it, "Do you know why? Its a great plant and I decided to do somethiing concerning this because the plant is greater than every other plant. It gets you high. I just like everything that is tough".

He claimed that his background had nothing to do with the album and its title, stressing that, "Not everybody that grew up in Ajegunle are bad people. When people hear that name, they feel like that town is bad".

Solidstar also denied having a crush on any Nigerian female celebrity but hopes to work with some of them on the basis that they are all "amazing".