Ijeoma Tagbo

Nigeria will be looking forward to a strong support from the United States in terms of, balancing of deficit budget, confidence from the international investors to come in and invest, hoard the militants in the Niger delta so that Nigeria export could be increased.

These were the submissions of Mr. DANLADI DAUDA, a political economist while anaysing the ongoing US presidential election as a guest of “Today On STV “on Tuesday.

He said that the ongoing US presidential election seems to be unpredictable like any election, adding that it would be hard for to tell who would emerge.
However, he noted that but whoever emerges, has to have a grand game for strong international policy.

He added that the issues of policy migration, issue of security, which is the biggest challenge in Nigeria, the issue of Boko-Haram and how to settle the IDP’s, activity of the militants in the Niger Delta Crisis, Mobilize Global Support for environmental cleanup of the Ogoni land, textile industries not functioning must be the focus of Nigeria Government in the coming US foreign policy.

According to him, the Obama Administration signed a TTP trans-Atlantic trade deal with Asian Countries, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, China whereby the tariff for textiles have completely been lifted up to encouraged massive influx of textile materials from this countries. 

He also advised the Federal Government that there is need for investment in Solid minerals and would need to partner with US to invest in it. 

“There is need to meet up the requirements of  United States Solid Minerals, Australia export solid minerals at a tune of $60billion annually and these is one area Nigeria need to diversify into because its capital intensive and requires a lot of expertise.

The aggregate national interest of Nigeria is to attract foreign investment, to boost trade, to combat the militancy in the Niger Delta so that Nigeria will make progress,” he said.

We are looking forward to a strong leadership from the United States, a leadership that also will have a policy like look Africa and hopes that America will today make history. Eight years ago we had a young black African who made history in America and he believes that another history is possible in Hilary Clinton.

His view for Donald trump is a policy Shift through the debate in primary and secondary if you look at Africa you might not see them under Trump but in Hilary you will see a continuation of what Obama has started in his administration there won’t be a policy shift.