By Tagbo Ijeoma

The Chairman Board of Trustees, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Mr. Alex Neyin has faulted the Federal Government’s approach in tackling the security in Niger Delta.

He spoke on the issue of security and other things like environment, transparency, efficiency, refining capacity and production capacity as contained in the recent Seven Big Wins policy of the government.

According to him, the Federal Government’s approach in handling the Niger Delta Security is a wrong model in the sense that any government that rewards violence promotes violence.

He advised that what the Niger Delta needs is a proper system inclusion whereby the people are trained to learn new skills which are profitable and put it to work instead of granting amnesty to them.

“The reward system is bad here in Nigeria, the Niger Delta should learn and work,” he said.

He noted that in 1979 the major oil Companies in Nigeria extracted oil, exported it to their country and awarded scholarships to students.

‘This was successful because they were able to put the right people in the right positions,” he said. 

On the policy, Neyin noted that during his regime as the Eastern Operation Manager, he observed that the policy/model of the oil sector in the eastern part could not be well implemented due to tribalism. 

“And it brought about low productivity in the country whereby they needed 24 workers 16 from Rivers, 8 from the rest of the country (95% Indigene 5% non-indigene) they were not looking at the competency, productivity and output in the oil sector. Oil Industry is purely a technical sector,” he explained.

Neyin stated that in 1979, when he came back from studying abroad he joined the Escravos in drilling wells used to produce gas.

“My view is that if we set up a refinery the oil field will be properly guided to avoid gasoline explosion. He also noted that the Nigeria Government during his time sent out at about 300 young individuals abroad to study and they all came back to give out their best to the country 

The oil expert emphasized more on security, stating that there should be a defined policy whereby a businessman who brings out his money would invest to make profit.

“If the Return Investment is not good they go and also there should be a means to filter the bad egg out of the system and also there should always be a checkmate on workers to put things in order in the oil industry, the virtue of people matter in the oil industry and will bring progress to the world” he stated.