As the dust from her embarrassing moments subsided and the noise from the wailing wailers faded, the Mavin Record queen, Tiwa Savage picked up her career in style to elate millions of her followers.

The mother of one said she had laughed off her past and would work harder to keep her space in the global arena. 

Besides the fact that she just got an international deal with Jay Z's Roc Nation, Tiwa also told us about her incredible meeting with JAYZ and her dream to explore acting as she starred in SHUGA and JENIFA'S DIARY.

Tiwa Savage will actually love to play the role of market woman in her upcoming movies though it has to be the right role. 

It is no news that she got signed with Jay Z's Roc Nation, where she met its Current Director of mobile strategies Briant “Bee-High” Biggs. The director is Jay Z’s cousin.

Savage noted that bad stories would always sell but she had come to the realisation that the hard work you put in and the positive things that you do as an artiste always outweighs the negative.

Asked where she goes from here, Tiwa said that her next move is to break into the international market. “The aim was to get these artistes and Jay Z’s label into the global market.

He wanted to strike a deal with a female artiste because the biggest artistes in America like Rihanna and Beyonce are females. So, he really believes that there is a market for talented female artistes.
The Mavin Star is not going to allow her international deal affect the Mavins Record. She definitely don’t want to forget her Nigerian roots. Most people think that when you sign international deal, there is this tendency to forget home.

For Tiwa the main reason she got signed in is because she is doing well at home (Nigeria). “We artistes also tend to forget that the main reason they signed you is because you were doing very well at home, so you can’t forget that. 

She also told us trying to strike a balance with both audience and market. Her dream is to grow the Tiwa Savage brand at home and abroad.