The founder and Chief Executive Officer of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has held a closed-door meeting with President, Muhammadu Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari Friday in Abuja commended the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of social networking website, Facebook, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg for sharing his wealth of knowledge with Nigerian youths, and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Receiving the internet entrepreneur in the State House, President Buhari said the various meetings held with Nigerian youths since his arrival were most timely as the country was already exploring opportunities to spur development through entrepreneurship.

“Nigeria has always been identified as a country with great potentials for growth, especially with our youthful population, but now we are moving beyond the potentials to reality.

“I am impressed by your simplicity in sharing your knowledge and wealth with those with less income,’’ the President said.

President Buhari noted that the simplicity and magnanimity of the entrepreneur, who is among the world’s richest men, had also challenged the culture of lavish wealth display and impulsive spending that had become peculiar to Nigerians.

“In our culture, we are not used to seeing successful people appear like you. We are not used to seeing successful people jogging and sweating on the streets.

“We are more used to seeing successful people in air-conditioned places. We are happy you are well-off and simple enough to always share,’’ he added.
In his remarks, Zuckerberg said he was impressed by the interest, energy and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by young Nigerians in all the ICT camps that he had visited.

“I was highly impressed by the talent of the youths in the Co-creation Hub in Yaba. I was blown away by their talent and the level of energy that I saw,’’ he said.

Zuckerberg said he was in the country to promote the penetration of “fast and cheap” internet connectivity, Express-wifi, that would help people create online businesses and reduce poverty.
After the meeting with the president,  Zuckerberg headed for the presidential banquet hall to participate in the Aso Villa demo day
Thirty aspiring Nigerian Tech Entrepreneurs are expected to showcase their IT skills during the programme.
Zuckerberg flew back into the country from Kenya for the meeting. His visit to Lagos, Nigeria had been trending on social media in the last three days.

His simplicity had been a point of debate among Nigerians. Before he left for Kenya on Thursday, he treated himself with typical African food, pounded yam with vegetable soup.

According to Zuckerberg, there is a lot of energy and potentials in Nigeria. He also spoke about his love for Hausa Language and why he has to put it as one of the Facebook Languages.