Activists have advocated a federal system that is democratic and inclusive as a panacea for good governance.
The call was made yesterday at the 23rd anniversary of June 12 organised by the Lagos State Government with civil society groups in Lagos.

The group, June 12 Coalition demanded the establishment of a technical committee to review and harmonize the reports of the different National Conferences since independence, including the Pro National Conference (PRONACO) draft constitution as a way forward.

It stated that the report of the technical committee should be used to draw up a people’s constitution which must be subjected to a popular referendum.

It called on the states Houses of Assembly in the South West of Nigeria to pass a resolution calling on the National Assembly to sponsor a bill declaring June 12 as a National Day of Democracy in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

"In as much as we appreciate the Lagos state government for the establishment of the office of civic engagement to coordinate and collaborate with civil society organizations on societal issues, the June 12 Coalition is hereby restating for the umpteenth time, its demand for support for the establishment of the June 12 Institute of Democracy to be dedicated to teaching and research on the ideals of true federalism and democracy in memory of the June 12, 1993 election.

However, at the family house of late MKO Abiola in abeokuta, ogun state capital, prayers were offered in honour of the celebrated June 12 hero, as well as the family he left behind.

The family says the eventual annulment and aftermath crises that clouded the nation's social-political arena at that time made the event historic.

The family however expresses its disappointment in Ogun State Government for not declaring Monday as public holiday; commemorative of the day as contained in the law of the state.