Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday met with service chiefs and governors of oil producing states at the presidential villa in Abuja.

The security meeting focused on how to resolve the Niger Delta crisis.

Speaking after the meeting, the Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa said it was resolved to have a stand down of military action in the zone.

He said: “We governors of the oil producing states, security chiefs and ministers who are concerned met with the Vice President and I believe we had a very fruitful meeting.

“One thing we identified which is the synergy between the Federal Government and the States which is very important is that this meeting has raised a lot of issues and we believe that the collaboration will help us to tackle the issues in the Niger Delta.

“Of course, we were briefed by the Service Chiefs and the governors also have their own perspectives along with the Minister of State for Petroleum.

“We have taken a lot of decisions which will help us mitigate what is going on currently in the states particularly Bayelsa and Delta. We believe we are going to find a solution to it.

“One of such is that there is a need for us to share intelligence which is very important and for us to be proactive, working together with the various stakeholders in the states to achieve a better result going forward.

“We have also agreed that there is a need to distill military operations by helping communities where the military needs to actually remain on our waterways to ensure that we adequately man the waterways itself while we engage the communities and that engagement will start any moment from now.

“Right from today, there is a meeting right after this and we are going to be collaborating even as we return to our  various states”