Its an age of wearable technology and even the Fossil Group is not left behind as they teased almost a year ago that smart Micheal Kors watches are in development. We finally have a peek of what's in store for us with two sleek and beautiful Android Wear smartwatches: a beautiful gold-plated design for women and a sporty black one for men.  

The first smart Michael Kors watch. This model is designed for women.

The company said it was still hard at work designing new bodies for its collection — which will follow the trends — they shared photos of the first two models. More designs are underway, but Kors is taking time to hone the design that keeps fashion first and technology second.
The smart timepieces run Android Wear, Google's smartwatch platform, which means they can pair with both iPhones and Android phones. Like most smartwatches, they can display app notifications, fitness-tracking data, text alerts, email and social media updates, as well as other Google services, including voice-recognition software, available on the Android Wear platform.
The company said customers wanted to own a smartwatch that matched their style, rather than opting for a design that looks more like a computer on the wrist than a watch.
Michael Kors' first smartwatch line, the Access. Powered by Android Wear, the Access will arrive for $395 (approximately 79k Naira).