Spoilers Ahead!

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for in just seven days the anticipated battle between two icons, Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, is set to hit cinemas. Directed by Zack Snyder and sequel to Man of Steel we finally get to see Superman and Batman meeting for the first time in cinematic format.

Through the trailers I’m sure we have already been able to pick up that this ‘could’ be the greatest contender match of all time. Set to release on 25th March here’s everything you need to know ahead of its release. 

1.    Ben Affleck as Batman: 
 The Academy Award winner had quite a few critics with backlash from some comic book fans who considered Ben Affleck to be not intimidating enough for the role. Via social media, there were online petitions demanding he should be removed from the role. Although Ben wasn’t sure he would be able to pull of the role, Director Zack Synder convinced him and felt that he was the perfect man to play the part of the caped champion. And he certainly was the perfect guy for the role, he fitted in very well. The uncertainty with Batman not being a match for a super strong, bullet proof build and the ability to fly superhero, was surely in mind, but batman was very smart, the use of planning ‘almost’ outsmarted Superman. If you’re not expecting amazing fight scenes, then your in for a surprise.

2.    Clark Kent Vs Bruce Wayne 
So if you’ve been following previous prequels and other adaptations of the heroes, you would know as well as their heroic roles they also have alter-egos known as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. So just how do the two alter-egos fit in, well there is an intense scene which we actually see in the trailer of where the two are meeting each other for the first time. But we are not entirely sure of whether they are aware of each others secret identities. 

3.  Is there a force which is powerful than Batman and Superman put together?

Just when you think the battle is over, a powerful entity is created by villain Lex Luthor. We don’t know exactly what this creature is but it sure is powerful and the battle with this ‘creature’ absolutely doesn’t end as quickly as we would want it to. Could this be the most undefeatable creation of a supervillain yet? Or is there a need for call for action from other superheroes? 

4.   Wonder Woman  
Speaking of other superheroes, if you know Wonder Woman then you would know that she has officially retired from being a Superhero. Well seems like she is back in action, its always great to see a woman Superhero and we certainly couldn’t ask for more when a classical superhero like Wonder Woman is in the act. 

5.  Does Lex Luthor make us love villains?
This act was mind-blowing and the best person played this role, Jesse Eisenberg was unquestionably a perfect match for such a ‘twisted’ supervillain. There is literally a love and hate relationship, there are some points in the movie where we see Lex being very funny and other moments where we just want him to be defeated quickly. 

6. A Follow Up
Without a doubt there should be a follow up, the ending scene has definitely left us screaming for more. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a jaw dropping experience!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is no doubt that it will not be one of 2016’s biggest films. It will be showing in Silverbird Cinemas from the the 24th March where there will be a sneak preview and will be officially released across Silverbird Cinemas on Friday 25th March. You wouldn’t want to miss this and be assured to watch this in 3D. 


 By Obaro Sonia Alordiah (@Obzalordiah -Instagram)