The Lagos State Government has urged Lagosians to drink more water as part of precautionary measures against the changes in climatic conditions over a period of time.

In a statement signed by the Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare, the government said the changes in climatic conditions is a result of prolonged period of excessively hot weather, accompanied by high humidity.

He said the changes has been noted in the past four to eight weeks, which has led to an increasing trend in high-humidity heat waves, characterised by the persistence of extremely high night-time temperature.

Adejare said, “These extreme weather conditions can make for a deadly paring, offering no relief and posing a particular threat for the elderly and the children alike.

“The State Government is therefore urging Lagosians to take precautionary measures and safeguard their health by taking more water especially the elderly, pregnant women and the children,”