It appears Mile 12 Market is gradually and illegally moving to “Kara”, an extension of Isheri North of Ogun State along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Since Monday, there has been heavy presence of trailers offloading farm produces from the northern part of the country for sale to Lagos and Ogun residents.

Following the temporary closure of Mile 12 Market due to recent clash between commercial motorcyclists and residents of the area, trailers coming from the north now stopped at Kara to offload and distribute their produce.

Kara is a cattle market but as at Monday, the place is stocked with yam tuber, tomatoes, Onions, pepper and many other farm produces, including fruits from the north.

It was gathered that food vendors and residents who travelled to Mile 12 had to change their destination to Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to buy food stuffs.

Speaking to our correspondent, a resident, who simply identified herself as Mercy said that the food stuff were sold at reduced price compared to what it used to be at Mile 12.

Mercy who lives in Ojodu area of the state, said that the foodstuffs were sold at wholesale prices and that she did not need to spend too much on transport to get to Kara Market.

To another resident who lives in Ikeja, Mrs. Josy it will be too bad to relocate Mile 12 Market to Kara, adding, “Ketu is central to Lagos, travelling to the boundary of Lagos and Ogun to buy foodstuff is not welcome at all.”

Meanwhile, the Lagos-Ibadan expressway is currently congested with heavy vehicular traffic as a result of the buying and selling along the road.