Politician and the Managing Director of Capital Oil and Gas, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubahhas said that he can stabilize the Naira to an exchange rate of N200=$1 within 30 days if only Presiden Muhammadu Buhari can make him a consultant on Financial Stability.

He said this on a national a television, describing the continuous depreciation of the naira as artificial and the handiwork of some people.

He said, “I have four ideas that can be implemented to stabilize the naira and if given the opportunity I can do it.”
He also said that he could mention names of those behind the artificial fall in naira value but he would not do so unless the resident would make him as his consultant.

“I have a four-point strategy to achieve the extra-ordinary feat. What do we have to bring the exchange rate to N200=$1? I have four cardinal points but I will not release them. I am a man brimming with confidence and ideas which is why I would dare to make such an audacious wager.

“ Dollar has crashed from N400 to $1 to N370 to $1. Is this not enough evidence that this freefall of the Naira is artificial and could be better managed, with honesty and ingenuity.