With over 2, 000 teachers in Lagos public schools already due for retirement, the Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, Lagos Chapter has cried out to the state government to go on mass recruitment of quality educator.

The Chairman of the union, Mr. Segun Raheem told our correspondent on Thursday that with the exodus of over 2, 000 between 2015 and 2016, teachers might not be able to cope with the high populations of pupils in public schools.

The state Government is planning to recruit about 1, 300 teachers to fill the vacant positions in public schools but going by the NUT’s argument, the number is inadequate and will definitely affect the quality of education in the state.

Raheem said, “Recruiting 1300, the statistic is like one (teacher) to a school and of course, this is grossly inadequate. We have over 1,000 schools in Lagos State, if you are now recruiting 1300 (teachers), the statistics is like one (teacher) to a school and this is grossly inadequate.
“In fact, between last year and this year, more than 2,000 teachers would be retiring in that sector.

“Even the 1,300 they are planning to recruit will not even be enough to replace those that are retiring between last year and this year.’’
He noted that the 1, 300 (teachers) that the state government is planning to recruit is for primary schools, not secondary schools.