As Valentine’s Day draws closer, sellers of condoms have been expressing their joy. 

Our correspondent who visited some pharmaceutical stores gathered that the sales of condom had increased in the last two days.

Valentine celebration is on Sunday and one of the items that are currently moving at the open market now is condoms. 

Ordinarily, Valentine’s Day is not meant for sensual spree but lovers in this part of the globe see the day as a season of warmth romance.

Anyway, what’s sauce for goose is sauce for the gander. If condoms will make the valentine gift a complete one, why not buying one to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

However, some people who spoke to our correspondent said, condom should not be part of gift to be presented to a partner. “But what if a partner request for it,” another respondent said. 

There are other good gifts now, why condom. But it is selling now badly. What? Condom.
These were the words of people interviewed by our correspondent.