Ace Afro Singer Rotimi Martins, popularly known as Alariwo of Africa was in Silverbird Television this morning. He spoke about his new album, “Common Sense” in which he featured Senator Ben Murray-Bruce.

Call it “Spoken Words Kind of Music”, Alariwo took time to resonate his ill health, that of his wife and how God has been faithful to him. He was reportedly diagnosed with a disease known as Varicocele, which is described in medical terms as an enlargement of veins inside the scrotum.

Why common sense?
The answer is simple. A Fela Suffered. I’m a noise maker and I speak positively about happenings in the society and I have been seeing our distinguished senator talking about common sense. I just think about it and call my producer, let’s do something about common sense. Ben Bruce is an entertainment guru. I featured him by force. What I did was to go to the internet and download his words because it’s free. And I know Ben Bruce is too educated to sue somebody like me.

Which of the Ben Bruce’s favourite texts did you pick?
I picked the right ones there and put it into song I call it spoken words kind of music and when I was done, he was the first person I sang it too and sent it to STV and Rhythm and it became a national anthem. Well, he’s got a lot of favourites, one N18, 000 minimum wage. That was just the basic reason why I took that part. That N18, 000. How can one live on N18, 000, a lot of things are complicated. The common sense, it’s got four, five version of it. This is just the beginning, I have another one that I feature him as well with Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I’m doing a full album common sense.

But the common sense has generated a lot of criticism
Controversy is the right thing, when you do something positive, some people might not like it, some will like it, there is nothing wrong in criticizing. People that criticize can’t analyze. We are talking about ill fighting, Ben Brue has ideas and let’s put it into play and see how it would work and he has been making some predictions and the predictions are coming alive. That’s why I say, he is a philosopher.

What’s your view about the present administration? 
Politics is a bit complex for me, I understand the president is trying his best, running up and down trying to source for funds but a lot of people in government, going into politics just to syphon money, not because they want to be leaders. I can tell you categorically with confidence and a little bit of arrogance that Ben Bruce is not there. If he goes wrong I will speak it on TV, even on his STV, I go talk.

But do you think Afro beat can go far in promoting common sense idea?
We’ve been trying our best and a lot of positive songs that are being churned out, people have listened to them and they appreciate abroad more than at home.
Afro beat is not appreciated in Africa, it’s about hip hop. Let’s make sense though in our music. Everybody just want to dance, Dance no be the issue, wetin Fela talk long ago, is happening now. So we should use common sense to revolutionize what is going on.  A lot of people have accepted it and so far so good the industry is totally different from the way it used to be. I can’t imagine paying anybody to play my song on radio. I can’t imagine it. It does happen. The road to success is very rough but it can never be rougher than a man that is tough.

Any good news about your health now?
My wife was diagnosed of pulmonary embolism, also known as blood cloth. It was tough but God took control. When you are in a situation like this, you know whom your friends are. People were not able to support, it’s difficult, I have to sell my cars to make sure that my wife survives. She is alive and I’m so glad that she is still there. I thank God almighty. That was what my wife passed through. I was supposed to take care of myself before her own happened. I went through a lot of critical situation but in between it, I was enjoying myself in the studio doing common sense. I’m not in pain right now, the pain is a seasonal things, it comes and it goes off. I’m taking some drugs to suppress it and am due for operation very soon. Precisely by March, I will go for another operation.