The Federal Government has attributed the errors in the 2016 budget to lack of technicality by some staff of ministries, departments and agencies that are responsible for budgeting.

In a statement signed by the Director of Information, Ministry of Budget and National Planning Mr. Charles Dafe, many of the staff do not understand the technicality in the adoption of the Zero-Based Budgeting System.

The statement noted that the budget that was presented to the national assembly was well structured and targeted at reviving the economy but those responsible for budgeting at the various ministries, departments and agencies of government were still grappling with some of the technicalities used in the fiscal document.

According to the statement the new Zero-Based Budgeting approach is still new to most of the agencies of the government, adding, “It is a far departure from the envelope system of budget. It is a system of budgeting that reverses the working process of traditional budgeting by ensuring that all expenses must be justified in the new period.”

Promising to improve on the technicality, Dafe said “The members of staff in the Ministry of Budget and National Planning as well as   those   handling   budget   issues   in   all   ministries   and   extra-ministerial   agencies   are   grappling   to   master   the technicalities in the ZBB template.
“As such therefore, some errors are not unexpected in the changeover to the   new   ZBB   approach.

“This   was   the   reason   the   ministry arranged for the proposals to be placed on the website of the Ministry of Budget and National Planning to expose them to public scrutiny.”