Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District has been speaking loud against wasteful system of Nigeria politics, even though he is a politician. 

He has refused to share the views of many lawmakers on the 2016 budget proposal and never hid his feelings about it as he debated how the bill should look to reflect the interest of the masses.

He spoke on Mass Transit Policy as one of the key areas the budget should emphasize on rather than the heavy funds allocated for the purchase of exotic cars for the members of the eighth Assembly.

He had been a social media dweller and in some of his tweets, he had queried the big budget which of course would only be financed through borrowing and foreign aids. 

To him, there would have been no reason to borrow if the politicians are ready to sacrifice and live within the resources and available income.

He queried,” Are Nigerians aware the British PM only gets an annual grant of £30,000 for upkeep of his official living quarters?  

How does Nigeria looks when we seek to borrow from UK to fund 2016 budget yet our expenses are higher than theirs?”

Ben Bruce is of the opinion that lawmakers should ride their own personal car instead of spending huge sum on new cars for them.

“I said except the President, we should all use personal cars because we look like fools if we spend more than our creditors 

If the 2016 budget is passed as is, we will borrow ₦5 Billion daily. It will be irresponsible to spend debt on luxuries 

Isn't it embarrassing to fly a Presidential jet to a country we want to borrow from and whose own leaders have none? 

I practice what I preach. In chambers and publicly, I call for reduction in pay. I share my allowance with my Constituents,” he said.