Afro beat musician, Alariwo of Africa yesterday dropped a new single titled "Common Sense" which featured one of Africa's most prominent entrepreneurs.

Who comes to your mind when you hear the word Common Sense? Your guess is not farfetched, this new hit features Mr Common sense himself Senator Ben Murray Bruce.

One question you might want to ask is: Did Mr Common sense ad lib? Well, that's for you to find out here. A perfect collabo of a common sense for the emancipation of common man. This is coming just a few weeks to the 60th birthday of Mr. Ben Bruce, which comes up February 19.

For adults, it refreshes the vivid memory of the late Afro beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose songs reflect political undertone. And for Ben Bruce, a common man does not only need common sense, he needs good pay and good standard of living.

Ben Bruce’s eloquence, no doubt makes Alariwo to sing loud. 

As you must have observed, the common sense series by Ben Bruce proffers possible solutions to some of the challenges facing Nigeria today. 

The 5:09s song lives up to Alariwo's Afro beat flair which sees him appeal to music lovers locally and internationally.

Listen here