The weather is cool outside but warm at the Atrium of the Silverbird Galleria where hundreds of youths are being screened for the first ever Silverbirds VJ Search.

Male and female, handsome and beautiful, jostling for a single position of becoming the NEXT GENERATION OF TV PRESENTER as their talents and skills are being put to test by professionals.

For them, the exercise is warm but for the audience, it is cool, judging by the resonance of the voices that reverberate into the nooks and crannies of the foyer.

Silverbirds Vj Search is a talent discovery platform conceived with the vision of discovering the next big television on air personality.

It is also meant to showcase Silverbird Televisions presenters, programs and programming; while connecting with our core target audience; namely-upwardly mobile young adults in the 16-30 age bracket.

This innovative project commenced in the last quarter of 2015 with a call for entries via promos on radio, tv, cinemas and web. The public were encouraged to UPLOAD BRIEF 15 SECOND INSTAGRAM VIDEOS of themselves showcasing their presentation skills to our website.