Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District has kicked against the ban of Naira debit cards overseas by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He expressed his displeasure via his twitter handle over a policy in which CBN directed commercial banks to stop customers from using their debit and credit cards outside the country.

In his argument, Ben Bruce bemoaned the regulation, describing the policy as anti-people and that it is dangerous for the growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

He said, “lf we must ban ATM card use abroad, why not ban it for politically exposed people like me instead of ordinary Nigerians that depend on it? With BVN, the CBN has the account details of all elected and appointed politicians in Nigeria.

Don’t punish Nigerians for our wrongs! A lot of the Small and Medium scale enterprises that employ the majority of Nigerians, depend on their ATM cards to do business abroad. What do Nigerians in foreign hospitals for life threatening illness do if they can’t access funds via ATM?

What do Nigerian students schooling abroad and who depend on their parents to fund them via Naira ATM do? How do bloggers pay for hosting if ATMs won’t work on foreign sites? Is this SocialMediaBill via backdoor? What do thousands of young Nigerians who promote their businesses to the world via Facebook/Twitter Ads do?